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Tsinghua’s Celebrity Alumni Manuscript Collection Exhibition


Tsinghua University, a well-reputed institution of higher education in China, has been recognized as a major matrix of China’s high-level talent pool and scientific research. In the history of nearly a century, Tsinghua University has been applauded as a cradle of a huge crowd of academic masters, entrepreneurs, and pillars of governance. It has seen an uncountable number of big brains from all walks of life who have studied or worked here, which is quite a fascinating scene. A manuscript captures a piece of history and culture, presenting a special time and experience to mirror personal character and charm.

As the archival collection unit of the university’s key documents, the Library of Tsinghua University and the Archives of Tsinghua University have collected varied manuscripts of many famous alumni, encompassing research papers and manuscripts of their creations, correspondence, documents, diaries, and notes, etc. These precious collections are crucial to the research on the university’s celebrities alumni and historical and cultural advancement.

On the occasion of the 99th anniversary of the University, the library and the archives jointly hosted the "Tsinghua’s Celebrity Alumni Manuscript Collection Exhibition". The initiative aimed to collect more manuscripts of Tsinghua celebrities, enriching the collection and popularizing the spirit of Tsinghua. By doing so, more young students can be educated and benefited.

With the help of an enabling environment of a talent's pool and vigorous spirit, the celebrity manuscripts are sure to invest the university with a distinctive spiritual charm.

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