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Case 1: Embedded information literacy instructions

In recent years, the Library has continually promoted embedded information literacy instructions into University’s teaching and research activities. The embedded instructions are usually tailored for various majors, courses or research topics by subject librarians working closely with faculties, which has well accepted by faculties and students. If you have any request or suggestion, please contact your subject librarian.

Case 2: “Information Talent” series salons that invite readers to share their experience

Since May 2018, the Library has launched the “Information Talent” series salons. We invite readers with information-related expertise to share methods, tools and experiences for efficient use of information in scientific research, aiming to comprehensively improve students’ media and information literacy in the ecology of new academic communication. Please follow the homepage or WeChat Official Account of the Library for the latest announcement about our activities. You are welcome to participate in the activities! Want to submit comments and suggestion? Please send us email at any

Case 3: Arts Library sets up the “Area for Copying Imitation Paintings”

The Library allocates special funds in annual budget for the Arts Library to purchase high-degree imitation paintings for teaching support. In recent years, the Library has successively purchased more than 100 such paintings, including Fahai Temple murals, Taipei Palace Museum collection series, Dunhuang murals and the Palace Museum collection series. In order to build a real teaching environment, we established a special space for“Area for Copying Imitation Paintings” in the Arts Library, where the faculties may teach classes and the art students may copy and paint , thus making best use of such special collections.

The Library is abundant in special space resources. If you need teaching support for special spaces, please contact us at:

Case 4: Special collections enter classroom

Historical documents are one of the priorities in the building of special collections of Tsinghua University Library. So far, the Library has collected over 60,000 historical documents, dominated by those from Shanxi Province. Most of these documents are collected from ordinary folk, and many of them need to be repaired before they can be used. While repairing and processing historical documents, the Library has begun to explore and utilize them, enabling the documents with rich historical memory to “tell” stories. For example, the special collection librarian was invited to participate in the teaching practice of the course “History of the Late Qing Dynasty” in the School of Humanities, which was welcomed by the students.

The Library boasts abundant resources of ancient texts and special collections. If you need teaching support for special collections, please contact us at:

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