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The Intellectual Property Information Service Center of Tsinghua University, a university-level non-entity institution affiliated to the Tsinghua University Library, is among the first national intellectual property information service centers established at higher education institutions across China. Focusing on construction of the Double First-Class Initiative and the University’s scientific research innovation program, the Center provides intellectual property information services by utilizing the Library’s abundant intellectual property information resources and professionals.

Location: Room 504, the West Library


Phone: 010-62782367

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● Offering collection, collation and analysis of data on intellectual property;

● Providing intellectual property information supportive services for major scientific research projects to facilitate development of the University’s disciplines;

● Undertaking intellectual property related information training and carrying out information literacy instruction on intellectual property ;

● Conducting intellectual property information analysis, as well as participating in intellectual property teaching and research, talent training, international cooperation and other activities;

● Taking on other tasks assigned by all intellectual property management departments of the University.

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