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Research support

Research support

To strengthen the connections between the library and departments, establish a smooth "demand" and "guarantee" channel, and help faculties faculties and students and students make better use of library resources, Tsinghua University Library has started the system of "Subject Librarian” since 1998. Subject librarians are appointed to contact related departments or schools to provide accurate services. After more than 20 years of development, the service scope has now covered almost all schools, departments and research institutes of the university.

Our Services

Embedded Courses

The library provides embedded courses for the faculty and students, that is, embedding course-related literature retrieval and utilization in the teaching activities of the departments, training students' information literacy in real-scenario.

Contact: Subject librarians or Mrs. Liu’(Teaching secretary)

Tel: 62784904


Lecture Appointment

Faculty and students can reserve a customized training lecture with subject librarians according to the research or teaching needs. We mainly provide lectures on information literacy, including: an overview of library resources and services, introduction to professional resources of various disciplines, literature retrieval methods, use of specific databases, and software training such as Endnote, NoteExpress and SPSS. We can also get in contact with database vendors to hold special sessions for the departments.

Contact: Subject librarians

Research Consultation

The subject librarians provide research consultation services for the whole process of scientific research for the faculty and students, including retrieval of subject-related literature and patent materials, search of materials on specific topics, introduction to the use of database & literature management software, journal contribution consultation, and promotion of academic achievements, etc.

Location: Room 505,, Tsinghua University Library(west section)

Contact: Please contact your subject librarian and make an appointment

Responsibilities of Subject Librarian

● Taking a deep insight into the education and scientific research and development trends of the corresponding department, and getting familiar with the distribution of literature resources of the subject.

● Participating in the resources construction of corresponding subject, providing reference opinions, and promoting the collaboration between corresponding departments and libraries to purchase resources.

● Holding relevant library lectures, responding to in-depth research consultation, and gradually improving the information literacy of faculties and students in corresponding department.

● Going deep into the departments to know more about patrons’ opinions and their needs for information resources, and working closely with library consultants.

● Compiling and updating readers’ reference materials of relevant subjects, including subject service webpage and guide for resource use, etc.

● Publicizing and promoting the resources and services of the library through multiple channels, to improve the utilization efficiency of library resources and raise patrons’ awareness about the library development.

● Trial , evaluating and collecting literature resources of relevant subjects.

● Providing special help in terms of literature for the major projects of the corresponding department; and establishing contact with the academic leaders of the corresponding department.

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