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About the Service

Interlibrary Loan Service provides access to the materials that are currently not held in collections of Tsinghua University Libraries. All Tsinghua University students and faculty on campus are eligible for using this service.

Interlibrary Loan Service includes Interlibrary Book Loan Service and Document Delivery Service. Interlibrary Book Loan Service assists readers to borrow book(s) from domestic and foreign libraries. When finishing the reading, the book(s) should be returned. Document Delivery Service assists readers to obtain articles and other materials that need not to be returned.

To use the Interlibrary Loan Service, you can register and log in Tsinghua University Library ILL (Interlibrary Loan) System to submit your request. Before registration, please make sure that you have opened your library privilege. After submitting a request, an exclusive request number will be generated, and you can track the processing status and charges of your request with the request number. Please always remember to check the library catalogue before making a request.

New User Registration / Log In

· Registration

New users have to register on Tsinghua University Library ILL System before logging in.

Use your info ID number and password to activate the registration and you will be asked to fill in a registration form. You will have to fill in both your phone number and e-mail address so as to get approved. Normally, our staff deals with new account approval during workdays. 

· Log in

Use your info ID number and password to log in Tsinghua University Library ILL System and place a request.

* Please provide book or document information as detailed as possible so that you can accurately get the books or documents you need.

* If the information exceeds the character limit, you can fill in the remarks column at the bottom of the page.

* Always remember to fill in the “cost limit” blank noted with an asterisk symbol so as to submit a request successfully.

* You can check the progress of the request after logging in the system at anytime.

Interlibrary Book Loan

Interlibrary Book Loan is a part of interlibrary services. There are two ways to borrow a book owned by other libraries.

• Place a request through Tsinghua University Library ILL System

Eligible patrons can place a request through Tsinghua University Library ILL System. Our staff will help the reader to check which cooperative library holds the book and request the book from that library. When the request status in the ILL system changes to "document received," you can pick up your book at the Interlibrary Loan Counter. The book should be returned to Interlibrary Loan Counter before the due date and cannot be renewed.

* The loan period for books borrowed through interlibrary loan service is comparatively short. Please pick up and return the requested book at the Interlibrary Loan Counter in time or a fine would be generated.

* The loan period for a book would be calculated since the second day that Interlibrary Loan Counter receives the book instead of the day the reader picks up the book.

* Please take good care of the book. Loss or damage should be compensated according to the requirements of the lending library.

•  Use an Interlibrary Card

Eligible patrons may choose among a list of cooperative libraries to borrow an Interlibrary Card using your Tsinghua University Library Card at Interlibrary Loan Counter. Then you can go to the cooperative library and borrow books according to corresponding policies.

1.Peking University library

2.China Agricultural University Library

3.Renmin of China University Library

4.Beijing Normal University Library

5.Beijing Forestry University Library


1.The borrowing period of the interlibrary card is 7 days, can be renewed for a maximum of 28 days. You can borrow 10 books in both Chinese and foreign languages.

2.Readers can only return their interlibrary cards to the Interlibrary Loan Counter after returning the books themselves to the lending library and confirming that there are no overdue fines on the card.

3.If the book is lost, damaged, or fined for exceeding the deadline, the reader shall be responsible for it.

4.If you lose your interlibrary card, please contact the Interlibrary Loan Counter at 62781326. All consequences arising from the loss of the interlibrary card shall be borne by the readers themselves.

Document Delivery

Eligible patrons can also use our document delivery services to request journal articles, conference papers, technical report, thesis, standard, patent and other document materials. Please place a request through Tsinghua University Library ILL System.

• Electronic delivery

If the requested document is provided in electronic format, you can log on to the ILL system to download the document, which is valid for 1 month. If there are any fees, we will notify you to pay them. This is the fastest and most convenient method for document delivery, which is widely accepted and used both at home and abroad.

• Delivery by post

However, some document could only be supplied in paper format due to copyright issues. We will send you an email when the requested document arrives. Please pick up the document at the Interlibrary Loan Counter and pay the fees(if any).


Service Fee Standard under Subsidy Policy

Tsinghua University Library provides financial support to eligible patrons for using interlibrary book loan and document delivery services. The details of service fee standard under subsidy policy are as follows:

Document Type

Domestic Libraries (RMB)

Oversea Libraries (RMB)


0(no more than 5 copies at a time)100.00/item(Borrowing from Hong Kong)

150.00 / item

Journal/Proceedings Article,chapters of book


30.00/ copy

Thesis/Dissertation,Patent,Standard,Technical Report


The subsidy is 70% of the actual cost and the maximum subsidy is up to 500 yuan. The balance of the subsidy should be paid.

1.An additional fee of 10 yuan will be charged for the rush service and it will not be subsidized.

2.If a general invoice is requested, the fee will be charged according to the actual fee and will not be subsidized.

3.The subsidy of book reproduction is 70% of the actual cost and the maximum subsidy is up to 500 yuan. The balance of the subsidy should be paid.


* Readers who need to pay please process it as soon as possible.

* Office Hour: 8:00-12:00 & 13:00-17:00 (from Monday to Friday)

* Location: Interlibrary Loan Counter, Information & Services, 1st floor in the North Library

* Rush service is only available for document delivery on workdays (from Monday to Friday). For collections and resources of Tsinghua University Library, the requested document will be sent to the reader through e-mail within 1 workday; for resources not held by Tsinghua University Library, the request will be forwarded to the library that held the resource within 1 workday.

For Overseas Libraries

We would like to provide Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Services for overseas libraries as well. You can submit a document request through the OCLC system. The document delivery fee is $15 per article.


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Interlibrary Loan

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