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Relying on massive collections and professional analysis software, Tsinghua University Library has long been engaged in the service and research of informetric analysis, contributing to the Double First-Class Initiative. The Library provides users with informetric services such as decision-making consultation, performance evaluation and trend analysis based on scientific literature, fact and data, thus helping administrative departments and academic faculties to make decisions on scientific research management, as well as supporting the University’s talent training, scientific research and international exchange and cooperation.

Location: Room 501, the West Library


Phone: 010-62772836

List of Services

● High-quality paper bulletin

● Analysis of academic competitiveness of institutions

● Evaluation of talents’ academic output

● Trends analysis of discipline development

● Frontier analysis of research areas

Introductionto Services

In line with university personnel system reform in recent years, the Library has provided customized in-depth analysis reports and primary data for the Department of Mathematical Sciences, School of Aerospace Engineering, Department of Microelectronics and Nanoelectronics, School of Social Sciences and other related departments, to support the colleges and departments to undertake their major research programs. In terms of subject planning, subject evaluation and talent introduction of the University, the Library has offered analysis of trends for subject development, frontier analysis of research areas and evaluation of talents’ academic output from the perspectives of institutions, subjects and scholars, so as to contribute to the development of “Double First-Class” Initiative of the University. With regards to international exchange and cooperation, the Library has proactively assisted the preparatory work required for establishing the Asian Universities Alliance, offered the information on writings co-authored by personnel at the 15 member universities, and collected statistics on single-authored, domestic co-authored and international co-authored papers written by staff at Tsinghua University and its counterpart universities.

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