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Calling for Donations to Tsinghua Library Alumni Archives and Special Collections

Tsinghua University Library, built in 1912, has been a source of academic nutrients for countless Tsinghua students over the past 100 years. Thanks to the strong support of the University and its alumni, the Library has made great progress in its development, with the funds steadily increasing and the collections rapidly growing. The Library has around 5.5 million pieces of printed materials, 913 databases and e-resources of 171, 600 journals, 6.9684 million books and 12.52 million degree dissertations. We are looking for more collections of a rare and valuable nature.

The Library wants to further expand its collections, especially those about the history and development of Tsinghua University as precious legacies for future generations of Tsinghua students and faculties. On the occasion of the 110th anniversary of Tsinghua University, the Library calls for materials of the following types.

1. Alumni scholarly works

Tsinghua University Library has established the permanent open-to-the-public Tsinghua University Alumni Library with nearly 30,000 books, for which the preservation of academic works by Tsinghua alumni and the inheritance of Tsinghua traditions. For Tsinghua students to benefit from the academic achievements of Tsinghua intellectuals, the Library is collecting scholarly works and other related material (written, edited, translated, and reviewed) by Tsinghua alumni (including faculties, students and staff who studied or worked in the University), which will be permanently preserved in the Library. We suggest that the author signs his/her name or write down his/her wishes for the Library on the title page of the work.

2、Ancient books and literature of the Republic of China collected by individuals or institutions (including degree dissertations before the founding of the People’s Republic of China)

At present, the Library has a collection of 28,000 pieces and over 230,000 volumes of ancient Chinese books, hundreds of varieties of rare books in foreign languages, and more than 20,000 books and periodicals published in the Chinese Republican Period. It is hoped that Tsinghua alumni at home and abroad can donate ancient books both in Chinese and foreign languages and those of the Chinese Republican Period, including dissertations of Tsinghua’s graduates before the founding of the People’s Republic of China, with an aim to add to the Library's holding in precious ancient books and modern literature and enhance the world-class quality and influence of Tsinghua University's collections in ancient rare books and literature in Chinese Republican Period.

3、Historical materials of Tsinghua University Library

To celebrate the Library’s 110th birthday in 2022, Tsinghua University library has been systematically sorting out archives and records that deal with the history of the Library so as to explore the relationship between the Library and its readers over the past hundred years. If you have any photographs or materials related to the library during your student life or working period, please contact us to discuss the materials you would like to offer the library.

4、Resources for special collections

To enrich the research and teaching resources for special collections, particularly in liberal arts, in recent years, Tsinghua University Library has developed local chronicles and documents and a series of special collections on Marx and Engels, Diaoyu Islands Defense Movement, United Nations Disarmament, and the History of Science and Technology, supported by our alumni and individuals and organizations from all sectors of society. We welcome the continual help from Tsinghua alumni to enrich the resources of these special collections, create collections on other particular themes, and get information on donations or purchases of these resources.

5、Missing volumes of Tsinghua Weekly

Tsinghua Weekly was launched by Tsinghua students on March 24, 1914. Originally named Tsinghua Zhoubao, it was renamed Tsinghua Weekly(Tsinghua Zhoukan) on September 22, 1914. The reformed Tsinghua Weekly has become a journal run by the Student Autonomy Association of Tsinghua University. Tsinghua Weekly is not only loaded with the memory of Tsinghua University for 23 years (from January 1937 to January 1947), part of Tsinghua history in miniature, but also becomes one of the most important student journals in modern China.

While 673 volumes of Tsinghua Weekly are stored in the Library, the following volumes are found missing. Hereby, we call on alumni from all over the world to help restore the missing volumes.


Missing volumes

Total number of missing volumes





no.2-4provisional Supplement



The special issue of Double Fourth Memorial in 1922



no.10 supplement art volume



12th anniversary Supplement



21st anniversary Supplement






Tsinghua Monthly, Vol.1, No.2 (1937)






6、University publications and department publications for university anniversaries

The Library has been collecting university publications in recent years, including official and informal publications or materials (from associations, departments or research institutions), and materials in alumni annual meetings, such as commemorative albums, picture albums, and books, all of which is of great value. The Library hopes to gain support from teachers, students and alumni both inside and outside the University for a more comprehensive recording of the campus life, culture, and academic development at Tsinghua University by complementing university publications.

Tsinghua University Library sincerely expects generous donations from more alumni, institutions and individuals. Your support is very important for the growth of the Library and millions of students seeking knowledge at the university. Your name, along with the precious resources you donate, will be forever remembered by generations to come!

Contact us to make your donation

Contact info:

Liu Chunmei


Tel: +86-10-62795779

Tsinghua University Library

April 12, 2021

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