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Individual Thesis-Writing Rooms are Now Available for Trial

To provide a better environment for thesis writing, starting from March 30th, a part of the individual study rooms in the West Section of the Main Library and the Humanities and Social Science Library will be specialized for thesis writing. All readers with THU e-identity are eligible. One can make a single appointment for seven consecutive days each time.  

Guidance on Reservation:

Step 1: If this is your first time reserving for a Single Study Room, please log in to the booking system ( and activate your account;

Step 2: Log in to “水木搜索”, search for “单人研读间” and make your reservation. (Please register your personal information in “我的图书馆” to receive follow-up service notifications).

For your reference, here is the website for “水木搜索”:"

Step 3: After you have received notification regarding the successful reservation, please follow the instructions on it, and visit the General Service Counter of the North Section of the Main Library (or the Information Help-desk of the Humanities and Social Science Library) to complete reservation procedures.

Relevant library rules and policies are attached below, to which the adjustment is possible based on the trial results.

Pieces of advice are highly appreciated!


General Service Counter of the Mochtar-Riady Library:

Email Address:

Telephone no.: (86) 10-62788937

Information Help-desk of the Humanities and Social Science Library

Email Address:

Telephone no.: (86) 10-62798676

(Posted by Tsinghua Library on March 30th, 2021)


Library Rules: Thesis Writing Rooms

1. Thesis Writing Rooms are for study and research purposes solely. As the single study rooms are not soundproof, please stay aware of the indoor volume used. Audio activities are strictly prohibited, such as reading aloud, taking part in interviews or online meetings, etc.

2. Please mind your manners. Users are not permitted to: bring in food; move the furniture; bring extra seats; paste posters. Please take good care of the facilities to avoid damages caused by improper use. If there are any damages caused, compensation shall be made in accordance.

3. To ensure proper circulation of books, please do not bring any books or periodicals into the room if you have not borrowed them.

4. Thesis Writing Room is for single use only. Do not lend it to or share it with others. Violation will result in an immediate cancelation of your registration and suspension of usage for 30 days.

5. When using the Thesis Writing Room, the staff may enter the room for facility maintenance. If necessary, the library reserves the right to end your reservation ahead of time.

6. Please take good care of your belongings. In case of loss, the responsibility shall be borne by the user.

7. After usage, please ensure to close windows and doors and turn off the power supply.

8. At the end of your reservation period, please go through the exit procedure and make sure to take all your belongings with you.

9. Persons causing a nuisance (by talking or otherwise) or obstructing the proper use of Library premises may be excluded by any member of the professional staff or the Security.

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