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Trial Opening of Musical Seminar Rooms

The Musical Seminar Rooms of Tsinghua University Library will be open for trial operation on March 16th, 2021. Readers are welcome to make appointments online.

Opening hours: 8:30-21:30, Monday to Sunday.

Reservation Website: (Campus network environment needed).

For further details on reservations, please visit the website above.

The Musical Seminar Rooms allows a massive amount of digital audio-visual sources played online, featuring high-quality music, available for small-scale music-related discussions. The Music Library has two Musical Seminar Rooms, namely “Gaoshan Room” and “Liushui Room”. These names originated from “Gaoshan Liushui”, a historical story from an ancient Chinese book titled Liezi Tangwen. Such names could reflect the Musical Seminar Rooms’ mission: to appreciate masterly music while getting familiar with friends. Moreover, enjoy the taste of leisure, vividly see and feel the lofty Mount Tai and the vast and mighty Yangtze River in the musical world as told in the old story of “Gaoshan Liushui”.

Gaoshan Room locates within Room 208 of Main Library West Section. With an area of 75 square meters and a surround sound system, it can host 5-18 people simultaneously.

Liushui Room locates within Room 210 of Main Library West Section. With an area of 50 square meters and stereo speakers, it can host 3-9 people simultaneously.

Reminder: Before using the Musical Seminar Rooms, please sign in with your QR code at the Help Desk located at Area 306 of Main Library West Section. Relevant regulations and COVID-19 protocols are expected to be followed.

Pieces of advice are highly appreciated.


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(Posted onMarch 15,2021)

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