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Entrance Rules for Tsinghua University Library(Trial)

—This revision was discussed and approved by the party-administration joint meeting of Tsinghua University Library on March 22, 2021—

Article 1 These rules are formulated according to the relevant rules and regulations of the university and the actual working conditions of the library in order to safeguard the public interests of readers and maintain a good and orderly study environment.

Article 2 On-campus readers shall enter the library with their own valid IC card; readers off campus shall enter the library after going through the formalities as required.

Article 3 Alumni of Tsinghua University shall enter the library and access the resources with the Alumni card issued by the Alumni Association or graduation certificate (or duplicate) together with their own valid ID card.

Article 4 Smoking is a fire hazard and prohibited in the library.

Article 5 Readers can enter the library with non-alcoholic beverages, but shall not bring any odorous or takeout food into the library. Readers must eat or drink in the specified area, keep the library clean and tidy, and comply with the recycling requirements.

Article 6 Please Keep quiet and mute all mobile phones once in the library. Keep quiet in the reading area.

Article 7 Please behave properly and politely. Dress neatly.

Article 8 Please be polite. Do not use personal belongings to occupy any reading seat.

Article 9 Please take good care of books, periodicals and all public property. Do not smear, tear or hide books and periodicals.

Article 10 Do not engage in any activities that might disturb other users in the library, such as interviewing, taking photos or handing out questionnaires. If you need any help, please contact the Library Administration in advance.

Article 11 Please abide by the rules and regulations of the library, and follow the instructions given by the staff.

Article 12 Those who violate the above provisions will receive a verbal warning. Serious violators will be reported.

Article 13 Library reserves the right to interpret these regulations in any way it sees fit.

Article 14 These regulations shall take effect immediately once approved.

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