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Regulations for Interviews, Photography, and Filming

Article 1 These regulations are formulated in accordance with the university’s regulations for standardizing the management of interviews, photography, and filming combined with practical logistics.

Article 2 Our library is a public place for learning. In order to create a quiet atmosphere for studying, photography with a flash and video recordings are not allowed in the library except for some special cases.

Article 3 If our university readers want to apply for permission to shoot (photography or filming, etc.) for a special reason, please contact our Library Administration in advance and request permission.

Article 4 If units or individuals from our university want to apply for permission to shoot (taking photos, recording videos, filming TV dramas, or movies, etc.) in our library, please obtain approval from higher authorities in the university and complete the relevant procedures, then contact our Library Administration with the valid application form for permission. Please ensure that the library’s safety and atmosphere are maintained, keep quiet, and ensure readers are not unnecessarily disturbed throughout the process. If readers have objections to the shoot, please respect their right to not be photographed.

Article 5 Our library does not accept shoots for commercial activities.

Article 6 If reporters need to do interviews in the library, please contact the higher authorities in the university and complete the relevant procedures.

Article 7 Our library reserves the right to interpret these regulations in any way it sees fit.

Article 8 These regulations shall take effect immediately once approved.

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