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Visitor Regulations

Article 1 These regulations are formulated in accordance with the university’s regulations for standardizing the management of visitors combined with practical logistics.

Article 2 Public tours of friendly groups are available during our library opening times.

Article 3 For group visits organized by units outside of our university, please contact our Library Administration in advance. Contact number: +86-10-62784591.

Article 4 For foreign visitors, please submit your application to the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange of Tsinghua University. Please contact the Library Administration about the visit after receiving approval.

Article 5 For professional and academic visits of small groups, or tours of special guests invited by our university, the manager or director of the library is responsible for these visits, and visitors can enter some reading rooms, and the open or closed stack sections of the library with permission from our Library Administration.

Teachers, students or staff from our university can accompany relatives or classmates for a visit. Please register and leave a valid card (work card or student card) at the library reception desk. However, visiting the specialized reading room is not permitted. Please note that the visiting time is limited to 30 minutes and a temporary card is required if you exceed this time limit.

Article 6 Alumnus of the university can use their ID card with the “alumni card” issued by the Alumni Association or graduation certificate (or photocopy) to enter our library.

Article 7 Visitors should not affect the normal running of our library and should not disturb readers. Our library will not allow visitors to be taken on tours into reading rooms if they are in a large group. Please abide by the regulations of the library and follow library etiquette.

Article 8 Our library reserves the right to interpret these regulations in any way it sees fit.

Article 9 These regulations shall take effect immediately once approved.

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