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Knowledge rests not upon truth alone, but upon errors also.

- Carl Gustav Jung
(Swiss psychologist)


and Network

Computers are provided in all libraries, such as the Music Library (Room 306) in West Library and the Information Commons in Humanities and Social Sciences Library.
Access to the network on campus requires a campus ID. Each Tsinghua student, faculty and staff member is assigned a campus ID when they join the University, and can manage the campus ID through Tsinghua University Network Account Settings Website. Tsinghua Information Technology Center is responsible for the management and charge of all campus IDs.
Patrons can use their own laptops or mobile phones for campus wireless access in the library buildings. Please choose SSID available: Tsinghua-IPv4 、 Tsinghua-IPv6 、 Tsinghua-Secure.

Photocopying and Printing

There are some self-service machines
to photocopy, scan and print in each library. If you have any difficulty, turn to the library staff for help.

Lost and Found

The reception room on the 1st floor of West Library works as the property office.

Café and Bakery

The first floor, North Library
The ground floor, Humanities and Social Sciences Library.

Vending Machine

The first floor, West Library and North Library
The ground floor, Humanities and Social Sciences Library


The 24-hour opening bookshop "Ye Jia Xuan" is on the ground floor, North Library. Besides 22 newly-published books available, there are also a lot of reading events like book talk, reading salon held in the bookshop. Welcome to join them and enjoy the reading experience.