FAQ for International Students

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- Albert Einstein
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FAQ for International Students

Does the library homepage have an English version? And library catalog?

Yes. The library is aimed to be user-friendly to all users, including foreign students. English versions of both homepage and catalog are available. Please click the link.: and click the button “DISCOVER@THU”.

Do I need a card to enter the library?

Yes, you need to swing your student card to enter all libraries. Please do not borrow or lend cards, otherwise you will be penalized according to Card Violations Policy.

I am reading a Not loanable book. Where can I make a copy?

You may use self-printing service. There are several self-service machines in the library. If you have difficulties, just turn to library staff at information desk for help.

Can I use the e-resources while I’m abroad?

Yes. The new intelligent eResource Gateway may get you through the standard authentication interface automatically for most databases. You may also access the library e-resources by visiting Electronic Resources Remote Accessing Control System. There are several other ways to access the library e-resources when you are off-campus. See more detail, please click the link.

Who can help me when I have questions in using the library?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the librarian at the Information and Services Desk on the first floor of North Library for inquiry and instruction, or by call (010-62782137), by email (ref-desk@tsinghua.edu.cn ).

Notes: How to join the library work? If you want to be a library assistant or volunteer, please contact us by email (ref-desk@tsinghua.edu.cn).



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