Searching for Books at E-library

The wise man doesn't give the right answers, he poses the right questions.

- Claude Lévi-strauss
(French anthropologist)

Searching for resources at E-library

By clicking “Discover@THU” on the English homepage, you can search Shuimu Search(水木搜索), which provides simple, one-stop searching for books and ebooks, journal articles, thesis and dissertations, videos, and more. You may choose to search items 24 within “All”, “All Print Resources”, or “E-Resources”. “Advanced search” may be used to do complex search within special fields such as title, author, subject, call number,document number, and ISBN / ISSN. As for ebooks, the results give direct access to the target online resources. You may read the full text by following the link.

As for printed books, the results lead to details about library location, availability and call numbers. Then you may go to the right location to get the copy in the library.

If the status reads “Item in place”, you can find the book on the shelf right the moment. If it reads “due + a future date”, the book is yet unavailable. You can log in your “My Library Card” account and make a request.

Searching for Electronic Versions

In the “Shuimu Search” page, you may select “Electronic Resources” in the Collection column and enter your keywords.

After you select the item you need and proceed into the page about detailed information,you will see several external links to the e-resource required.