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Access to E-library

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Access to E-library

English Homepage

Enter “https://lib.tsinghua.edu.cn/”, or click on the “English” icon at the top right corner of the Chinese version . If you use the library's electronic resources on campus, you can automatically access most databases through IP authentication. If you are using the library's resources off-campus, you will need to authenticate through the system.

Off-campus Access Services

When you are off campus, you can also access the e-resources subscribed by the library.With the application of Intelligent Gateway, it may get you through the standard authentication interface automatically for most databases.

There are several ways to access the library e-resources when off campus. 

1. 智能网关 Intelligent gateway to E-resources

2. 校外访问控制系统 Off-campus access system via Eproxy

3. 机构用户身份认证(Shibboleth或OpenAthens认证方式)Access through Institution -Shibboleth or Athens authentication

4. SSL VPN: only available for those databases with servers located in Tsinghua university

5. Myloft远程访问插件 MyLOFT plug-in

6. 个人注册账号的远程漫游访问 Remote account, register on campus in advance

7. 校园网IP绑定或配码个人移动设备 Remote access with personal mobile device