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About the library

Q: Do I need a card to enter the library?
A: Yes, you need to show your student card to enter all libraries. Please do not borrow or lend cards, otherwise you will be penalized according to Card Violations Policy.

Q: What is the open hour?
A: The Main Library is open from 8:00 to 22:00 everyday except national holidays. Please refer to details about the open hour of branch libraries at Library Open Hour.

Q: Where is the library homepage?
A: www.lib.tsinghua.edu.cn.

Q: Who can help me when I have questions about the library?
A: If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the reference librarians. You can chat with us, email us, call us at 62782137 (82137 for internal calling), or visit us at the information desk. Please refer to Virtual Reference Desk for details.

Q: Are there any branch libraries in Tsinghua?
A: There are 6 branch libraries located at different school buildings. They are Humanities and Social Sciences Library, Economics and Management Library, Law Library, Architecture Library, Arts Library, and Finance library.

Q: Can I bring family and friends to visit or find books?
A: Yes. According to Tsinghua University Library Visit Policy, students, faculty and staff could bring family and friends to visit (except reading rooms) by leaving campus cards and registering at the reception. Visits should be within 30min; otherwise please apply for a temporary library card.


MY library

Q: What is PIN?
A: Personal Identification Number ( PIN ) is a password to protect your personal information. You need to use PIN to open accounts, view history, and renew, request, or cancel books.

Q: How to set up or change my PIN? Help! I forgot my PIN!
A: The initial PIN is the same as your student number on your campus card. Once your library account is open, please sign in to My Account to change it. If you do not have a student card, please follow the instructions on that page. If you forget PIN, come to the card center to set up a new one. You may also reset PIN here if you have provided emails at My Account.

Q: Why do I need to submit email addresses or cell phone number? And how?
A: You can get library notices by email or SMS, such as reminder notice, overdue notice, return notice, and pickup notice. Please submit your email address or cell phone number at My Account.

Q: How to view my borrowing history? And how to renew/request/cancel books?
A: Please sign in to My Account to manage your library activities.


Q: How to find a book?
A: Use the catalog, which will give you details of the book, such as location, call number and status.

Q: What is a catalog?
A: A catalog is platform to find resources. It provides many details including location, call number and status.

Q: How to use the catalog?
A: Fill in the blanks with book information on the library catalog page. Simply follow the instructions at catalog.

Q: What is a call number?
A: A call number is a group of numbers and/or letters to provide location of a book. Please visit here to understand call number.

Q: What is QRT? How to find a book with that call number?
A: QRT, short form of quarto, indicates large books. Please follow the instruction inside library to find locations of QRT books.

Q: Understand book status.
A: "On shelf": you can read and borrow; "Library use only": you can only read inside library; "On request shelf": the book has been requested; "Just Return": returned within 24 hours, please wait several hours to borrow; "In Cataloging": unavailable for readers; "Due yy-mm-dd": has been borrowed with due date yy-mm-dd. "Due yy-mm-dd +N requested": has been borrowed with due date yy-mm-dd and has been requested for N times; "Due yy-mm-dd +N recalled" :has been borrowed with due date yy-mm-dd and has been recalled for N times; "Searching": temporarily unavailable; “n copies ordered for Tsinghua University Library”: they haven’t arrived yet, and can’t be requested or borrowed.

Q: The status is "on shelf". But I still cannot find it.
A: Sometimes other students are reading books you need. Therefore, check it later. If it is still not there, you can leave a message at the notebook at the front door of the reading room. We will respond soon.

Q: Why are loan periods so different?
A: Since there are kinds of borrowing demands, we provide different loan periods to readers. Books from Chinese Humanities and Social Science Area, Chinese Science and Technology Area, Foreign Book Area, closed stacks, and branch libraries, can be kept for 8 weeks (56 days) and you can make requests and renewals. The loan period is 7 days for books at New Book Reading Room. Please refer to circulations rules for details.

Q: How many books can I borrow?
A: All students can borrow 30 books. Please refer to details about circulations rules.

Q: Can I borrow books from branch libraries?
A: Branch libraries are open to all students, faculty and staff. You can borrow 30 books altogether. Humanities & Social Sciences Library, and Finance Library have no loan limits. But you can only borrow 2 books at a time from the other 4 branch libraries if you don’t belong to them. Please contact circulation desks at branch libraries.

Q: Can I just return on shelf?
A: No, please return books at circulation desks or self-checkout machines.

Q: Where do I return books?
A: You may return books at Yifu Hall, Old Hall or any one of the seven branch libraries. You can also return books at the 24-hour self-checkout machines, which can be found at Yifu Hall and Humanities and Social Sciences Library.

Q: I cannot make a request.
A: Perhaps the number of your requests exceeds the limits. All students, faculty and staff can request 3. Another reason is your personal record is frozen. Or else, you may have overdue books, unpaid fees or fines. Besides, books under cataloging couldn't be requested either.

Q: I have made a request. Why now the book is borrowed by others?
A: Probably you are not the first in the waiting list. You have to wait if the status is Due yy-mm-dd +n. You will receive reminders when the book you request is available. Please pick it up within 3 days.

Q: Will I receive reminders when books are overdue or available?
A: Yes, you may receive reminders by emails or SMS. Please register contact information at My Account.

Q: Where to pay fees and fines?
A: Please pay fees and fines at Payment Center, 2nd floor, Yifu Hall. Arts Library, Law Library, Architecture Library, and Economics and Management Library can also charge reader service fees separately. Besides, there are several self-checkout machines in Yifu Hall, Humanities and Social Sciences Library, Finance Library, and Arts Library. Use your campus card to make payment easy!

Q: Help! I lost a book!
A: Please pay fines according to Tsinghua University Library Policy for Lost or Damaged Library Materials. If items are overdue, additional overdue fees will apply.

Q: Where are books with call number O?
A: Call number starts with letters instead of numbers. Therefore, it is letter O. Please find books with call number “O” at the Chinese Science and Technology Books Area.



Q: What kind of e-resources does library provide?
A: E-resources refer to e-journals, e-books, multimedia materials, etc.

Q: How to visit e-resources?
A: Simply visit library web site and follow instructions. You need to have a Net-ID to visit e-resources outside campus.

Q: How to find e-journals?
A: There are five ways to visit e-journals:
1.E-journal navigation;
2.Library catalog;
3.Database navigation;
4.SFX at SCI, EI, etc.
5.Tsinghua University Academic Information Resource Portal.

Q: How to find a database?
A: Visit database navigation at Database navigation.

Q: How to find e-books?
A: Simply search books at library catalog and follow links to view e-books. Or visit our e-books web page at E-Books. There are many subscribed database providing e-books. Follow the links to view or download.

Q: How can I learn fast to use e-resources?
A: Welcome to the library workshops! You may find kinds of subjects related to e-resources. We also provide courses to help students to learn.

Q: I need to sign in at subscribed e-resources. Why?
A: First of all, do not use proxy server. Secondly, some database set a visitor limits, please try again later. Then if you still have the problem, please contact Virtual reference desk or write an email to the database librarian.

Q: Something wrong with the database.
A: Please contact Virtual reference desk or write an email to the database librarian.

Q: Can I access the e-resources when I am off-campus?
A: Yes, you can access most e-resources when off-campus. Log in at the Remote Access System.


Q: Where can I find recent journals and newspapers?
A: Visit Current Periodicals and Newspapers Reading Room at West 311, Yifu Hall. Open stack; library use only. Or you can find them through E-journal navigation.

Q: Where can I find old journals and newspapers?
A: Visit Chinese Bound Periodicals Reading Room and Foreign Bound Periodicals Reading Room (West 407, 320、322、322B、319, Yifu Hall). For materials before 1978, please visit newspapers stacks at Old Hall.

Q: What should I do if an item I need is not available in our library?
A: In that case, you may submit an application at the Interlibrary Loan Service.


Other services

Q: Where can I find computers in library?
A: You can use computers at Information Service Center (Room 406), Lecture Room (Room 401), and the second floor, Yifu Hall. There are some computers for public uses in Humanities and Social Sciences Library as well.

Q: Can I use my laptop in library?
A: Sure, there are many wired ports in the library. You may also use wireless network to access the Internet. But you still need to log in first, and use valid NetID to access. Please follow instructions here at Facilities.

Q: I am reading a library-use-only book. Where can I make a copy?
A: Please visit print center at Room 130 Old Hall. You may also use self-printing service. There are several self-service machines in Yifu Hall and Humanities and Social Sciences Library.